12 Life Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

Lisa JacksonAugust 18, 2021,

Productivity doesn’t need to equal overwork. Increasingly your daily productivity actually comes down to some simple hacks. The key is to work smarter while also cutting down stress. Talking to the experts, we have brought together their best tips and hacks to help you boost your productivity without overworking yourself. So, let’s get started; 

1. 2-Hour Hermit Mode

“Do a 2-Hour Hermit Mode to boost your productivity. It's basically doing two hours of your most important tasks completely undisturbed. Close your office door, mute your notifications, and focus on your work. I would recommend doing it early in the morning to get your high-value tasks done first. When you complete your most important tasks early in the morning, it sets your momentum and makes you more productive throughout the day.”

Lauri Kinkar. CEO at Messente

2. Identify Your Productive Hours

“Identify which time of the day you are most likely to get in a flow state and work your schedule around it. People have different times of the day in which they are productive. Some work better during the day, while others do better at night. Still, others prefer working in short bursts and taking a break every now and then. When you have been working for some time, you know which time of the day you are most likely to produce the most and the best output. Identify the tasks that you have to prioritize and block time for them during your most productive hours. You can then arrange the rest of your day accordingly.

Erin Zadoorian, CEO/Executive Editor Ministry of Hemp

3. Exercising At Lunch Time

“I'm amazed by how so few people know about this great hack. Exercising in the middle of your day gets a different part of your body active and let's your mind rest during this period. When you return to work you'll be amazed by how invigorated you feel. I do my best work of the day after my lunch time exercise.” 

Marc Bromhall Founder of Surf Gear Lab

4. Avoid Distractions

“The first productivity hack that I personally implement is that I try ‘To Avoid Distractions’. The biggest distraction now is the use of social media. As we are always on our laptops, it is very easy for us to get distracted by things on the internet. Firstly, try to disable all the notifications for social media sites, so they don't end up in the middle of a productive work session. Also, you can install programs such as AntiSocial that will block the sites that cause distractions. 

“You can schedule a time slot for yourself where you’ll do nothing but work. During that time turn off your cell phone and inform everyone that you will not be available.” (Azza Shahid)

5. Prioritize and Stick to a Schedule

“Secondly, prioritize the work and then stick to that schedule. Anything that requires time and focus, should be done first and then you can tackle the less important tasks. It's better to come up with a to-do task list, like, note down all the things that need to be absolutely done for the day, followed by the things that are less important and you would like them to do and things that you will try to do if you have time. This has helped me to focus and not be in a mess. You need to adjust your expectations about what you can get done and do not expect everything to be done in a day.”

Azza Shahid, Digital Marketer at Physicians Thrive

6. Be Realistic About Your To-Do List

“Excessive to-do lists are one thing that prevents us from being more efficient and productive, as it creates a sense of pressure to complete tasks within a day. With this, I encourage being realistic and reducing the number of tasks we need to accomplish, and scheduling it for the next time. In addition, we need to reduce the idea of perfection; we must recognize that we can't accomplish everything all of the time, so it's preferable to finish the task and get it off our plate; you can always go back and amend or improve it later.”

Jacob Villa, Co-Founder and Marketing Director School Authority

7. Focus- Reduce the Number of Tabs Open

“Working from home can be stressful sometimes especially when working on our laptops and having multiple tabs open. One simple tip to help that increases productivity is reducing the amount of tabs open on your laptop or desktop. Why? Having multiple tabs open shifts your focus from one thing to another, and you may think you are doing much, but in reality, you are overworking yourself and producing less. So, remove all your unwanted tabs, so you can focus on a single act, accomplish it, and move on to the next seamlessly. If you don;t want to do that, then using the chrome extension, group your tabs to make working easier for you, and reduce stress.'  

Emmanuella Ndukwe-Obiukwu, Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger and owner of Move with Ella

8. Declutter and Organize

“What I'm about to say sounds simple, but it works. To be more efficient, declutter and organize. The fewer distractions you have during your productive hours, the more apt you are to focus on the more pressing tasks that require more of your resources. Some like to check and reply to email first thing, but this quickly becomes a time and energy suck. Instead, create your to-do list and declutter your workspace the night before. 

“Separate tasks by the time they should take. Knock out the quick and easy tasks first. Not only does this clear your head of distraction, but it also builds up energy-momentum for the bigger tasks coming up. Distractions will rob you of time and make important tasks take longer, so eliminate as much distraction as you can.”

Darren Litt, Co-Founder of Hiya Health

9. Use A Handwritten To-Do List

“My best life hack to boost productivity either professionally or personally is to use a handwritten To Do list each and  every day. Skip the mobile apps because when you write yours out you have a physical document to work from. Write it with three categories in mind: the first for things that you have to get done that day and a second for items you need to get to but can wait. The third category is for minor stuff you can knock out on slower days. This strategy will absolutely reduce your stress and keep you from overworking.”

Erin Stone Entrepreneur  Hinterland co.

10. Prioritize

“It's necessary to prioritize if you feel like your productivity is flagging. I know people who work extremely hard but have no clear roadmap of where they're going. For this reason they end up doing a bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. Basically their work gets wasted because instead of completing projects and tasks in a linear direction they throw efforts all over the place. Try your best to set priorities before you get down to work.” (Justin Brown)

11. Take time off

“It may sound counterintuitive, but it's crucial to take time off if you want to make your time count. You can't be productive running on an empty tank, and plenty of people push themselves too hard on a daily basis without noticing that even just a few days off could recharge them and have them ready to kick ass again if they'd just take a break for a bit.” (Justin Brown)

12. Collaborate

“Many things you can do alone you can do even better in collaboration. Working on a team or with a partner can be a wonderful way to boost productivity and to take things to the next level.”

Justin Brown Runs a Self-Development Platform; Ideapod

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