14 Tips For Maintaining a Positive Attitude In Life

Lisa JacksonJuly 14, 2021

Keeping a positive outlook on life is no simple feat, but it’s not impossible either. By developing a positive mindset, we are actually rewiring our brain to push away the cobwebs of negative thoughts. It’s essential we do this as it can improve our quality of life in general. 

So, let’s get started with some great tips from wellness experts.

  1. Wake Up Thinking of Things to be Grateful For

“My number 1 tip for staying positive is to make it the first thing you think about when waking up in the morning.  Waking up and thinking of things that you are grateful for can set you up for the whole day ahead. It can have a  snowball effect. Likewise, waking up in a negative frame of mind can make it hard to stay positive throughout the day.  

“If you want to take a more scientific approach, I would highly recommend nourishing your microbiome with probiotics. Studies have shown that certain probiotic bacteria can influence the serotonin in our brain. Having a healthy gut can definitely make it a little easier to be positive first thing on a cold Monday morning.”

Alicia Harper is an NYC-based Nutritionist & Microbiome Researcher. 

“Trying to remain positive when life isn’t being so great can be difficult. Try some of these things and watch them change your life little by little;

  1. Focus on the Good Things in Your Life 

“This is not to say that you should ignore the negative aspects of your life. Accept the negative events that occur, but keep your focus on them to a minimum.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. Practice Positive Affirmations on Yourself

“Remind yourself that you are amazing and that no one else's opinion of you matters. Life is much better when you don't rely on the world for validation.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. Avoid Negative People

“That is people who only see the negative aspects of everything and never appreciate the positive. People who only remind you of the things going wrong in your life.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

“Keep a journal, it could be one of the journal apps that are now available for download. Every morning or evening, update it with everything you're grateful for in your life. This allows you to appreciate the small things in life.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. Identify Your Negative Areas

“Find the negative aspects of yourself and work on eliminating them until you have little or none left. These are the things that make you feel sad, inept, or other negative emotions.”

Cynthia Halow, Founder Personality Max

“If you can just do two things, I guarantee you will be a happier person. First, stop watching the news, and second, stop eating junk food; 

  1. Stop Watching the News

“The media feeds on fear-mongering, and it's been on a feast during the pandemic. Fearful people are more stressed out, and it's easier to control people when they are stressed. So, the media has created this perpetual feedback loop of stress and negativity. Dump your news apps and download some meditation apps, and do 5 or 10 minutes of meditation every day. Your world suddenly will become much brighter.” (Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon) 

  1. Stop Eating Junk Food

“The second item is your diet. There is all kind of research that shows food affects your mood, and junk foods make you aggressive. There's also research that shows people who have more fish in their diet have less stress, lower blood pressure, less heart disease, and even Alzheimer's. The Omega 3s are amazing in their protective powers. Those are two easy fixes: eliminate the news and junk food (which are both junk food in my opinion).” (Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon)

  1. Exercise

“The next big thing would be to get more exercise, which has so many good benefits for the body and mind. Endorphins immediately make you feel better. I know it's hard for people to get started, but begin with 5 minutes and add just 1 minute a day to walking, biking, or doing yoga. Within two weeks, you're exercising for half an hour a day. Within a month, you're up to an hour a day. Again, studies have shown that even people with fibromyalgia, which is painful and causes depression and fatigue, improve with regular exercise, particularly yoga.” (Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon)

  1. Go Someplace New

“Now that people are getting out again, I recommend going someplace you have never been before. This literally opens your mind. Your brain forms new synapses to process new information, which we call neuroplasticity. Trauma hinders neuroplasticity, but if you are able to encourage it, you can overcome trauma, even deep-seated trauma, which of course, leads to an overall more positive outlook.”

Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon, a psychologist, director of the Center for Integrative and Functional Health and Wellness, and host of the radio show, Mind over Matters.

“Staying positive is easier said than done, but finding the small things in our everyday lives can make the world of a difference. Having a positive mindset can directly impact our physical and mental health for the better;

  1. Practice Gratitude

“Being grateful for what we have can help shift our perspective to a more positive one. Recognizing the little things that we are grateful for can help us to focus on the good that is in our lives. Take it a step further by documenting these things in a gratitude journal or diary.” (Andrew Gutman)

  1. Spread Positivity

“Sharing your positivity with others can bring a smile to their face and make their entire day. Giving some a genuine compliment or doing a small act of kindness can make all the difference. The more positivity you share with the world, the better you will feel.” (Andrew Gutman)

  1. Smile

“As simple as it sounds, smiling can bring you great joy and help you maintain a positive outlook on life. Whether you are genuinely happy or need to lift your spirits, smiling can help signal to your brain that good things are happening. Take a moment to smile at yourself in the mirror or at a stranger. Doing so will help you to stay positive!” (Andrew Gutman)

  1. Get Active

“Moving your body and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle can help you to achieve a positive mindset. For example when you stay active by taking a walk or weightlifting, it can help to lower your cortisol levels. This allows you to better manage your stress and anxiety, leaving you with a positive outlook on life.”

Andrew Gutman, Managing Editor BarBend

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