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honeydew bubble tea syrup

Honeydew Bubble Tea Syrup (40 fl oz) Brand: Unknown. Quantity. the sweetness of the honeydew melon is perfect in a mix of afternoon drinks and coolers. The new formula accentuates the real honeydew fruit flavor and is rich in melony sweetness. Honeydew SyrupHoneydew Flavor Syrup can be served with Smoothies, Frappe, Black Tea, Green Tea, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Cakes, Cocktail, and Soda drinks, etc.Method of Application:Honeydew Iced Tea1. ; Drained weight 8oz; Asuka Brand 1 CASE LYCHEE BURSTING BOBA / Net Wt. Let’s heat a pot of water to boil and when it reaches the rumbling boiling point, bring it back down to medium high heat and add your loose leaf green tea to the hot water. Aug 8, 2014 - Product Description Fanale's line of professional syrups feature both traditional and nontraditional flavors. oz. ice Combine all ingredients in a blender. Get tropical, fruity flavors to elegantly floral flavored syrups. Shop. With agressive attention, we can always offer you newest items in the market, with best price and service. Products of Taiwan 5.0 lbs / bottle Shelf life : … oz. milk (whole milk recommended) 16 oz. Honeydew Syrup 哈密瓜汁 Quantity ... Get in touch with us for the best quality of bubble tea's ingredients. oz). Product. Honeydew Syrup 5kg Packaging: 5kg bottle (approx 3.5 Litres) Premium Honeydew Fruit syrups that can be used for making smoothies, frappe… CTN Price (optional) -- Please Select -- 4* 5kg $112.00 We are a professional Honeydew Syrup manufacturer, supplier and exporter, with more than years of years of experience, the factory in Taiwan We focus on this product can be customized according to customer demand. Cantaloupe Boba Tea / Bubble tea Syrup (64 Oz) With hundreds of regular customers, we are confident that you will also be satisfied with these products. Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan and it is traditionally a milk tea shaken with ice in a shaker creating a bubble froth on top. Bubble Tea Supply's Honeydew Bubble Tea Syrup can also be used to make a juice drink. Milk Selection Box – Honeydew Melon, Coconut, Blueberry and Strawberry. At Bubble Tea Warehouse we believe that our products should be the best available, and recommend you always check on the freshness of the ingredients contained within your Bubble Tea. Therefore, you can feel the natural refreshment while enjoying the real taste of the fruit. Currently unavailable. From $ 22.95. The first step in the process of making a great honeydew bubble tea is to get a pot of water at a rumbling boil. Customers also viewed these products. Learn more about recipes ... Honeydew Syrup -Fanale -1 Bottle honeydew syrup by case ( 4 bottles/case) $ 25.95. Bossen Honeydew Syrup has improved! Step 1. its taste is almost the same or very near the melon family and honeydew also boost with an aromatic scent. Tea Zone is a leading provider of quality bubble / boba tea syrups. A melon bubble iced tea, boba smoothie, or ice-blended fruit juice will alight on the tongue like sunshine. Add fructose to taste if desired. Tea Zone Bubble / Boba Tea Syrup. Singapore Bubble Tea … Read more. Price. If you’ve chosen a premium Tea Bag for your Honeydew Milk Tea, steep the tea bag in 250ml of hot water for 3-5 minutes depending on strength desired and then remove the tea bag. 3 12165 Berlin. Bubbletea Shop Inh. Mango Syrup - Fanale. This is a HUGE bottle, even for a family of Honeydew Syrup lovers. Net Weight: 5.5 lbs per bottle, 33 lbs per case. Sunny Syrup Honeydew Concentrated Juice: This Sunny Syrup concentrated juice with a unique and attractive honeydew flavour is a key ingredient for Bubble tea drinks. Bossen Honeydew Syrup has improved! Cart empty Show Cart Bubbletea-Shop. Add flavored syrup and tea into a 16 oz shaker. Add 40ml of fruit syrup.3. Alibaba.com offers 170 honeydew bubble tea products. Use it to make a perfect summer pick-me-up refresher. Strawberry Syrup - Fanale. honeydew bubble tea syrup juice. Honeydew Smoothie (16 fl. Our powder is created with only the finest, freshest picks so you are definitely in for a real treat. Add a full cup of ice cubes and shake well.5. Germany. 7.04lbs (3.2kg) 105.6 Ounces JAR.

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