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“Stephen Baskerville and the American Coalition for Fathers and Children are confronting issues that are not being addressed by any other group. Their program urgently needs to be funded so our nation can develop new solutions for the problems of family dissolution and the loss of fathers.”

— Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

“Stephen Baskerville’s work is controversial; indeed, he frequently upsets those who defend the existing culture of divorce. Viewed another way, though, he is on the cutting edge of fresh thinking about marriage, divorce, and the vital needs of children.”

— Allan Carlson, Ph.D., President, The Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society

“At a time when left-liberal groupthink threatens to suffocate debate on many family issues, Dr. Baskerville challenges prevailing orthodoxies with arguments highlighting the urgent need to keep fathers in the home and in the lives of their children. His message very much deserves a hearing.”

— Professor Bryce Christensen, Southern Utah University

“Stephen Baskerville is confronting the issues of fatherhood and marriage in ways that go beyond the platitudes to the root of today’s family crisis. His forthcoming book promises to ‘push the envelope’ into areas that offer hope of reversing these alarming trends. Any assistance would be well spent.”

— Paul Weyrich, President, Free Congress Foundation

“[Baskerville] is president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, the largest father’s group. … Baskerville has a proposed solution, a federal law, the Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2005, for which he is lining up support among pro-family groups in Washington. His bill cites Supreme Court cases which assert that the right of parents to the care and custody of their children is ‘a fundamental right protected by the First, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments’ as ‘more precious than property rights.’ … His law would add federal protection of the right of parents to the care and custody of their children. It would shift the burden to the government. … A fresh idea worth considering.”

— Mike McManus, president, Marriage Savers

“All I can say is Wow!  I was aware of the problem, and especially that of men wrongfully identified as fathers and forced to pay child support — even for children of women they had not met.  You really lay out just how awful — and unjust — this system has become. …  I can only sympathize with those who go through this Nazi system.  Over the years, feminism and the other ‘isms’ of ‘nondiscrimination’ have been sold to us as being within the bounds of a free society.  We see from this piece that the opposite is true, at least in the area of divorce.  The USA is becoming increasingly coercive.  I think that Stalin would have been proud of what has happened here.”

— William L. Anderson, Assistant Professor of Economics, Frostburg State University

“I write once again to congratulate you on the high-quality, thought-provoking, and penetrating articles you publish in The Independent Review. I thought Stephen Baskerville’s ‘Is There Really a Fatherhood Crisis?’ was particularly insightful. …  Please pass along to him my thanks for his work.  And my thanks to you for continuing bring such important work to light.”

— James Otteson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Alabama

“Baskerville’s group, ACFC, advocates granting equity to fathers in divorces. … Feminists use false statistics on domestic violence and child abuse to demonize fathers.”

Human Events

“The fathers’ rights activists…make some excellent points — including some aspects of their critique of the ‘marriage movement’ and the ‘responsible fatherhood’ advocates. … Baskerville…makes a good case that divorce increases government control over families.”

— Cathy Young, Reason

“Stephen Baskerville continues to ‘stomp on the terra,’ referring to the Family Law battlefield that pits families versus government in America.”

— Jim Untershine

“Dr. Stephen Baskerville, a political science professor at Howard University and the new president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC), believes that the usual targets of conservatives’ ire – the ’60s cultural revolution, the liberal media, the depraved marketers of corrupt entertainment to youth – are not inclusive enough.”

Human Events

“Baskerville makes the point that the unchallenged growth of the family court system in the past four decades is threatening us all. … They have become the most powerful courts, with the ability to…reach right into our homes and bedrooms. They can ruin the lives of people who aren’t charged with anything. … Baskerville says these courts have a vested interest in being overburdened because that calls for expansion.”

— Dave Brown, Ottawa Citizen

“Most Americans are unaware of the existence of these relatively new [family] ‘courts.’ Howard University Professor Stephen Baskerville is the leading authority on these courts. He says family courts are ‘the most dangerous institution posing a threat to constitutional rights in our society. The only parallels are the ideological-bureaucratic dictatorships of the last century.’”

— Paul Craig Roberts, syndicated columnist

“In an insightful article published in the March 2005 edition of Crisis magazine, Stephen Baskerville argues that America’s embrace of easy divorce is the most significant reason that marriage is now threatened and, by some measures, hanging by a thread. … Baskerville gets right to the heart of the matter, labeling no-fault divorce as a ‘misnomer.’ In reality, the ‘no-fault’ language was taken from the world of automobile insurance. These new divorce laws did not really remove fault from the context of divorce, but they ‘did create unilateral and involuntary divorce, so that one spouse may end a marriage without any agreement or fault by the other.’ As Baskerville explains, ‘Moreover, the spouse who divorces or otherwise abrogates the marriage contract incurs no liability for the cost or consequences, creating a unique and unprecedented legal anomaly.’ … Baskerville describes the legal divorce business as ‘a multibillion-dollar industry’ in which a vast number of persons hold a vested interest. … We need a recovery of courage and candor on the issue of divorce — and in a hurry. Stephen Baskerville is right. Divorce is the greatest threat to the family in our times. We cannot expect this society to take us seriously as defenders of marriage if we are not the enemies of divorce.” (Read the full article at ChristianBusinessDaily.com or crosswalk.com.)

— Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary