How Good Sleep Can Keep you Stress-Free

Particia MaldonadoMarch 16, 2021,

Life is stressful – there’s no denying it. Aside from day-to-day stressors such as house errands, work, and relationships, major events related to the pandemic can take an immense toll on your stress levels as well. 

When not dealt with properly, stress can evolve and affect your sleep and all other aspects of your life. Aside from sleep, you may develop anxiety, poor concentration, unhealthy eating habits, depression, and other manifestations that alter your wellbeing.

What keeps you awake? 

In order to help you sleep better, you first need to find out why you are up at night.  The period in which a person sleeps at night is when the body takes time to repair and rejuvenate itself. If you are stressed out or anxious, you will not wake up feeling well-rested. 

When you are stressed, several issues can arise within an individual, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even an elevated heart rate. 

Disrupted sleep cycles mean that time spent in deep sleep decreases, and time spent in REM sleep increases. The REM stage is important during your sleep as it repairs mental function. In other words, it is the time where your brain processes emotions and memories.

Too much time spent in REM sleep can cause you to experience daytime sleepiness and fatigue – which further disrupts your sleep cycle and mood. 

Eating Behavior and Stress

A lot of people turn to food when they are stressed. In some cases, they may even end up binge eating. This unhealthy behavior can cause many more problems down the line. After binge eating, you may start feeling guilty and start stressing about this once again. You then add another stressor into your life, and again, affect your sleep. It’s a vicious cycle.

Reducing your stress

To reduce your stress, there are a few things you can do. Once you’ve figured out what is causing your stress, dedicate a part of your day to deal with it. In other words, keep your bedtime stress-free. 

Another thing that helps with your sleep is sleep glasses. These glasses block out the blue light from your screens that disrupt your sleep cycle.

With the help of these glasses, you may find yourself experiencing better sleep. However, there are many types of sleep glasses. Thus, consult a professional and see which ones are the best for you.

If your sleep cycle is disturbed by lower back pain, it might also be time to change your sleeping mattress. Sleep and stress are heavily linked together. Therefore, fixing one will help fix the other too.

Stopping yourself from binge eating can be difficult, especially if you are trying to lose weight. In this case, many people recommend Saxenda.

Saxenda is a medicine that allows you to lose unhealthy weight especially if you struggle with weight loss. It allows you to deal with your weight problems and gives you a chance to break the stress cycle. 


Stress can affect not just your sleep but your day-to-day routine too. It is best to seek help earlier to deal with your stress, rather than letting it brew any more than it needs to. Consult professionals when needed, especially if you are planning on following the aforementioned recommendations for sleep glasses and Saxenda. Rest assured, you will get to the bottom of your problem once and for all when you tackle it head-on.

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