Humanity Has Been Delayed to 2021

Jorge JohnsonDecember 17, 2020, ,

Sounds about right

By Stephen Tailby 
Thu 17th Dec 2020

As unexpected as it was, Enhance Games delighted the world with the transcendent Tetris Effect. Its next game, Humanity, was another surprise, and frankly, we still don't even really know what it's all about. The obscure title was announced over a year ago, and things have gone very quiet ever since. However, the team is still hard at work on this unusual game, but as is fairly obvious at this point, it's not hitting the planned release window of 2020.

Partly as a reminder that this thing exists, and partly to inform of a delay, Enhance has released the above tweet. Humanity is now targeting a vague 2021. We're honestly very curious to learn more about this project, so hopefully it isn't too far away. All we know is there are masses of people on screen, and you manoeuvre them through puzzle environments, and sometimes they fight. We can't wait to find out more.

We also can't help but wonder if this is still a PlayStation 4 game. With planned PSVR support, we have to imagine it's still targeting the last-gen platform, but perhaps it'll hit PS5 as well. Again, we're looking forward to having this mysterious game unravelled. Are you looking forward to Humanity? Tell us in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: Stephen Tailby 
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