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Jorge JohnsonOctober 1, 2021, ,

As the new fish in the pond, you have to market yourself to attract a client base. Fortunately, law firm marketing can help you achieve just that. From billboards to digital marketing, there is a lot a new firm can do. So, how do you know you are investing your precious time and money in the right place? We consulted the experts, and here are the top marketing strategies you can implement for your firm that will certainly bring results;

1. Research!

First things first, establish your goals and objectives. Frame them and see what you want to achieve through marketing. You’re starting a new business so you will aim to ensure maximum people know about your business. What I do when I’ve to launch a new product or target a different market, I do in-depth research about my audience. I go to the market, interview random people, and it helps me greatly in learning about my target audience and the need for my business. 

When I started my business, I promoted it through different social platforms. Why? Because it’s free. Effective marketing means attractive content! Make use of video content and make it interesting.

2. Establish Clear Goals

Before any new advertising campaign, I tell myself that my target is to focus on engagement and not on views or followers. What else I do is I ask questions from my audience and what they’d like to see. I interact with them and check my competitor’s profile to get more information. Learn what people think about your product and how you can attract customers. 

Luke Zhang, Founder Dunk or Three

3. Identify Your Firm’s Marketing Needs

The first thing you need to do is identify the marketing strategies that your firm needs to beat your competitors.

  • You need to choose how you will be identified in advertising and on the Internet, choose a logo, brand colors, buy business cards, and make many other efforts to highlight your name.
  • You also need to decide on marketing materials that will always be at hand, some physical materials, others various virtual tools. Both will be important in the early stages of your business.
  • A key component of marketing in 2021 is your visible online presence. This means that you need more than a good website that will contain data of all contacts such as phone numbers and emails, as well as the addresses of law firms.
  • You should also not forget about the profiles of your law firm on social networks.
  • You should also optimize your site for Google because it will make your site more visible and thus more famous, bringing you even more customers. You can also run contextual advertising. And this should be done as much as possible because when people need a lawyer, they will most likely look for him through Google, not on a billboard.
  • It would be best if you were prepared that the legal niche is one of the most competitive on the Internet, and you will have to compete with the most well-known firms that include a team of digital marketers. Therefore, the SEO strategy for your site is more than mandatory to be able to compete.

Sviatoslav Mykytyn, Marketing Specialist at lawrina.com

4. Request Referrals From New Lawyers

One easy and cost-effective way that many lawyers completely overlook when marketing a new law firm, is to prepare and send a letter requesting referrals from new lawyers who recently passed the bar. Recent bar passers often do not have referral connections yet. However, as soon as a person becomes a lawyer, family and friends come out of the woodwork with legal questions. If the issue is over their head, a place to refer the case can be helpful. 

In many States, the Board of Law Examiners will maintain a list of people who passed the bar that you can order in digital format. Merge that document with a letter requesting referrals, and you can easily market to hundreds of brand new attorneys for under a hundred dollars.

Paul H. Cannon, personal injury trial attorney, and the Marketing Director at Simmons and Fetcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers, a personal injury law firm in Houston.

5. Show Up In Search Results

When marketing your new law firm, showing up in search results should be a top priority as it will take time to execute and see results. Showing up in the results is not just about ranking for “real estate attorney near me” or “ business attorney New York City”, but also your firm’s name, your name, and any other words or phrases a potential referral may use to research you online.

Search is just as much about being found for your name and being a kind of reference and validation for your business as it is to be found by someone randomly looking for what you do.

Joseph Giovannoli, Founder & CEO of a Law Firm Marketing Company; 9Sail

6. Build Connections- Have Lunch With A New Person Each Day

Increasingly younger lawyers are straying away from traditional methods of law firm marketing and focusing all of their efforts on digital media.  Instead of trying to market your new solo or small firm practice like well established firms that can pour hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per year into marketing, the best practice is a healthy balance of traditional networking with other lawyers while using digital media and social networking platforms as accompanying tools. 

Connect with both the public and older attorneys across all forms of digital media, but never eat lunch alone.  Focus on having lunch with a new person each day to try to expand your network and your firm’s public image.

Justin Wolfe, Attorney, and Owner of Wolfe Law Group, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. Local SEO

One of the best marketing strategies we recommend for lawyers is local SEO. This is the strategy for optimizing a firm's website and pages for its practice areas and locations. These keywords are easier to rank for on the first page and have less competition. 

Furthermore, leads from search engines have a higher conversion rate because they are searching for a specific city and legal service. We suggest using a tool like SEMrush to find keywords to target and insights into where to place them on webpages. 

Carmine Mastropierro, Copywriter and Co-Founder of the Digital Law Marketing Firm WiseMedia.

8. Post Fresh and Valuable Content In a Blog

The most important thing that a law firm can do is to create a strong website that has consistent content. The only way to get Google to continually look at your law firm's website is to post fresh and valuable content in a blog. Once Google reviews your amazing website, the Google bots are done, unless there is new content! 

Therefore, providing Google (and your potential clients) with valuable information increases your EAT score - expertise, authority and trustworthiness - which is critical for your SEO (search engine optimization). Additionally, fresh content allows law firms to continually have something to showcase on their social media platforms and to bring potential clients and networking partners back to their website.

Annette Choti, Esq. President, Law Quill 

9. Positive Online Reviews

Positive online reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, Avvo, and LinkedIn benefit law firms greatly. Reviewing your services with your past and current clients can be an effective way of securing new clients. 

Do not be afraid to directly ask your current clients for positive reviews. Besides helping you gain new customers, the feedback you receive is also helpful for ensuring your services are as good as possible. These positive testimonials should also appear on your website. 

Nikolay Krastev, SEO Specialist Agile Digital Agency

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