Reasons Traveling Makes You Smarter

Lisa JacksonAugust 6, 2021, ,

Traveling is enjoyable in itself and a wonderful learning experience. It fuels the brain to achieve more while also increasing its capacity. The more you travel, the healthier it proves for your mental and physical being.

We got experienced travelers to share the most remarkable ways traveling makes you smarter.

  1. Traveling Takes Your Interpersonal Skills To A Whole New Level

“The best thing about traveling is that you're constantly presented with opportunities that hone your communication and people skills. And the more you do it, the better you get. Each time you encounter a new person with their own cultural background, it pushes you to be creative with your communication skills so that you're both on the same page. It definitely helps you get out of your shell more, too.”

Philipp Zeiske, CEO  Zeitholz

  1. Traveling Develops Skills For Planning, Researching, Budgeting, Decision Making

“Having to hire people in our companies, I am always looking for mention of travel on resumes, not just because we operate travel-related brands, but because I truly believe traveling makes us smarter. Traveling requires a fair amount of planning - researching to find the right accommodation, the best value flights, the perfect experiences to fill your itinerary, making sacrifices to afford taking a trip, and managing your budget on the ground.

“Not only does visiting a new place and experiencing a new culture open your eyes to different ways of doing things, it can also force you to become adaptable, and quickly - you're out of your comfort zone in many respects, which often requires you to think analytically, perhaps in ways you're not used to, be it a degree of risk-assessment, seeing opportunities, or being decisive. 

“I also like to hear travel stories in interviews with candidates as it can demonstrate the ability to reflect - what you loved most about traveling, and what you'd do differently next time, for example. For me, when I see travel experience on a CV, I put a lot of weight behind it because there's no doubt it makes us smarter, honing our ability to be adaptable, goal-orientated, analytical, and decisive among other important smart skills - qualities all employers should look for.”

Ray Commins, Co-Founder of Generation Tours

  1. Increased Brain Plasticity

“Travelling makes your neural pathways wider and stronger, forcing you to reroute the same information through different parts of the brain.” (Sarah Walker)

  1. Sustained Intellectual Stimulation

“Spending time immersed in other cultures forces you into stimulating social situations that keep your mind fresh and invigorated while doing something really fun! It also encourages you to break out of whatever routine or mold has been shaping who you've been since childhood by introducing new people, places, and experiences into your life.” (Sarah Walker)

  1. Loss Of Fear And Ignorance About The World

“Looking at what's going on outside one's comfort zone without an agenda can lead to a deep understanding of what it means to be a part of someone else's day-to-day life.”

Sarah Walker, Founder of DogFoodDesire.com

  1. Widens Our Vision and Reduces Judgement

“Too often, we get caught up in our own little worlds and tend to judge others from a very narrow lens. Travel allows you to see, experience, and understand how other people in the world live. It awakens us to the fact that the world is so much bigger than us. It's filled with people who look, think, and live differently than we do. And that is perfectly ok.”

JB Macatulad is one-half of Will Fly for Food

  1. New Experiences to Learn From

“One of the best parts of traveling is learning from your new experiences- seeing a place, taking part in activities, meeting people and learning lessons can all make you smarter. Even if you travel for work or school, there will be times when you have time to explore on your own. Take advantage by not only enjoying sightseeing, but also by doing activities that are not available at home.” (Joshua Haley)

  1. New Connections to Make

Traveling gives you a chance to meet and learn from new people. Meeting new people helps you open your mind and see the world through their eyes. It can show you different ways of thinking, which is good for improving your problem-solving skills. New Skills to Learn - Learning a new language, trying a sport that isn't popular in your home country, or taking an art class can be hard work at first, but you also are learning valuable skills. When you have to speak another language while traveling, it is difficult at first and you will probably make mistakes. This can be frustrating, but it is also a good way to improve your confidence and social skills.” (Joshua Haley)

  1. New Places to See

“Going out on your own opens you up to new places in the area (or far away). You may find yourself stumbling upon an amazing cafe or small town that no one has ever heard of - and all because you decided to go off on your own.” (Joshua Haley)

  1. New Understanding of the World

“Traveling can give you a new perspective that is impossible to gain inside your home country. You'll see all kinds of places, meet people from lots of different backgrounds and learn about other cultures. This helps develop your critical thinking skills, social skills and problem-solving abilities.”

Joshua Haley, Founder of Moving Astute

  1. Gain Knowledge from New People

“You will be able to meet people from other countries and learn about their culture. You can learn about their culture, lifestyle, food habits, rules, and regulations. Learning from people from other countries is always charming. You will find yourself a complete newbie if you visit an unknown country. You may also learn different languages.”

Fred Hoffman, Founder IBC7 Outdoors

  1. Traveling Forces You To Reshape Your Thinking

“You get used to certain patterns and rhythms of everyday life, and eventually, that is what your brain decides is ‘normal’. Traveling to new places, especially other countries or areas where another language is spoken, helps you realize that your “normal” is not so normal to everyone else. You learn new ways to communicate, get around, eat, and appreciate cultural differences.

“Aside from this awareness that you gain, traveling often causes you to have to think on your feet. You can plan a trip down to the littlest detail, but there always seems to be at least one thing that goes wrong, whether it’s a delayed flight, missing luggage, getting lost, or something else. Combine that with being in an unknown area; you have no choice but to use your brain to figure out a quick solution. Thinking on your feet like this helps your brain develop these skills and they will transfer over into your work and personal life.”

Brian Donovan, CEO Timeshatter

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